Mycological Autumn


Setas Valle Carranza
Just 50 km from Bilbao, in the area of Encartaciones, we suggest you a walk to collect some delicious mushrooms that you will have the opportunity to cook later on and, of course, enjoy. An expert in mycology will go with you at all times and will explain the characteristics of the mushrooms you find and the secrets of collecting them. Afterwards, in the Gailurretan rural cottage, you will taste a dish prepared with the mushrooms you collected together with a menu based on local produce.

Karrantza valley is located west of Bizkaia, in the Encartaciones area. It is a wide valley of great natural and landscape wealth, with large plant biodiversity. Our route will cross the beech and oak forests in one of the most hidden areas, the Calera del Prado.

Collecting mushrooms is quite a tradition in Euskadi that undoubtedly finishes with cooking and tasting the mushrooms collected. However, it is not easy to find them since mushrooms require a suitable environment, a specific type of tree and appropriate weather conditions. Some of the varieties we can find are the cloud funnel, the parasol mushroom or the prized boletus. Certainly, collecting mushrooms is nearly an excuse to enjoy the wonderful landscape, to get to know further the Encartaciones mountains and to learn which mushrooms are edible and which ones are not.

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